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Restaurants Fight Over Name “Frenchy’s” in MDFL

Frenchy’s Corporate, Inc., an operator of seafood restaurants in Clearwater Beach, filed a trademark lawsuit in the Middle District of Florida against Frenchy’s Pizzeria & Tavern, a pizzeria located less than an hour away.  Frenchy’s Corporate claims the right to the unregistered trademark “FRENCHY’STM”. Frenchy’s Corporate does not have a federal trademark registered to protect Read More

Reminder: Lanham Act is THE Most Powerful Weapon Against Unfair Competition

Let’s jump right in: Most practitioners know absolutely nothing about the Lanham Act. If they know anything about the Lanham Act at all, they know it solely as the federal trademark act. I hear it all the time: How does the Lanham Act apply here? There’s no trademark at issue. That’s rookie nonsense. The Lanham Read More

Hard Rock Files Bogus Trademark Lawsuit v. RockStar Hotels

Hard Rock Cafe has filed a bogus trademark infringement lawsuit against the Florida-based hotel booking service, RockStar Hotels. Exactly two people in the entire world think the case is a good idea: Some idiot in-house at Hard Rock and some big firm attorney who stands to generate $500,000 in fees before losing the case in Read More